April 10, 2018

Regional Conference

One of the core functions of the Central Eurasian Studies Society is to organize conferences that bring together the Central Eurasian scholarly community. CESS has held a biennial conference hosted across Central Eurasia since 2008 with the aim of building truly global academic networks and serving CESS’ regional members. Our Regional Conference grows with each occurrence and the most recent regional conference–held jointly with the European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS)– at the American University of Central Asia (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), was our largest yet.

Read about CESS’ past Regional Conferences, including the 2017 CESS Regional Conference in Bishkek.

CESS will hold its next Regional Conference in 2020, again coordinating with the European Society for Central Asian Studies. The location of the 2020 conference is yet to be decided; CESS and ESCAS welcome interest from prospective host institutions in the wider Central Asian region (from the Caucasus to Mongolia). If you are an interested institution, reach out to us.

A Note about Future Regional Conference Scheduling

With the 2017 conference, CESS initiated what is planned to be long-term practice of coordinating with ESCAS. ESCAS alternates its biennial conferences between Europe and Central Asia, and CESS holds a Regional Conference every two years. Thus, every four years, CESS will hold a joint conference in the region together with ESCAS. In order to synchronize the conferences, CESS held its latest Regional Conference (2017) one year early. The next conference will be on CESS’s usual even-year schedule for Regional Conferences (i.e., 2020).