April 9, 2018


Every year, the Central Eurasian Studies Society holds elections for Board Member seats and the Presidency. CESS members play a role in the leadership of the Society by nominating candidates, standing as candidates, and voting in elections. The elections fill the position of President-Elect as well as two Board Members. All Board members hold their roles for three years.

The President-Elect is a three-year role which cycles through the positions of President-Elect (year 1), President (year 2) and Past-President (year 3). Thus, at any one time each role is filled and these persons comprise the Society’s Executive Committee. In addition to the three president roles, the CESS Board consists of six Board Members. Two new Board Members are elected each year and at the same time, two end their year term. Board members take up their positions at the Annual Conference that is held after the elections.

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2018 Elections

The call for nominations for candidates for the CESS 2018 elections is open from May 23 to June 4, 2018.

The date of the elections will be over a two week period in June/July 2018. All active CESS members are eligible to vote and will receive their ballot paper (invitation to vote) by email on the first day of voting.

2017 Election Results // September 23, 2017

President-Elect: Ali İğmen
Board Members: Eva-Marie Dubuisson, Diana Kudaibergenova, & Timothy Blauvelt

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To Nominate or Stand for Election

Any CESS member can become a candidate or nominate another member, candidates need only be CESS members when the elections are held. Email CESS your nominations.