June 15, 2018

Directory of Members

A tenet of the Central Eurasian Studies Society’s mission is to facilitate communication and interaction among scholars of the Central Eurasia region, and in doing so to promote high standards of scholarship and instruction about the Central Eurasia region. To this end, CESS hosts an open access online Directory of Members to serve as a networking tool, allowing users to view members’ research interests and publications and to contact them via a secure messenger.

CESS members automatically appear in the directory, but may opt-out if they choose. Those maintaining an entry are encouraged to update their information, and do so regularly.

Instructions and tips


  • To edit your profile:

Log in using your first name, last name, and birth date as they appear in your correspondence from CESS. Once logged in, you can edit multiple fields of your profile, including: your home institution,professional title, and website; your highest degree awarded and the degree-awarding institution; your discipline, regional focus, research or professional interests, and publications. The ‘Publications’ section allows you to upload a pdf or insert a URL, in addition to entering plain text.

  • To be removed from the directory:

Log into Cocoa, go to the Memberships tab, and click on your membership number. Then, check the box that says ‘Tick if you do not wish to be listed in the online directory of members.’

  • If you do not appear in the directory:

Only current CESS members appear in the directory. If you need help activating your CESS membership, please contact CESS’ Administrative Coordinator, Emma Sabzalieva.

  •  Searching the directory:

Search for colleagues by name, institution, country, or regional focus. Keywords or short phrases will produce more results than longer phrases or sentences. Please separate keywords with a comma. Results will be displayed as a list. Search criteria used during this session (while logged in) are stored on the right, to save time if you wish to return to certain searches. If there is a Save icon next to the search criteria, you can save these criteria for future logins.


We hope you will find the directory useful and easy to use!