April 10, 2018

Annual Conference

One of the core functions of the Central Eurasian Studies Society is to organize conferences that bring together the Central Eurasian scholarly community. CESS has held an annual conference hosted by universities across North America since 2000. The Annual Conference regularly features up to 70 panels and attracts approximately 300 scholars from around the globe.

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CESS’ 19th Annual Conference (CESS 2018) will be held from the afternoon of October 25-28, 2018 with a pre-conference workshop day on October 24 (afternoon)/October 25 (morning) at the University of Pittsburgh. CESS is pleased to offer conference travel grants for scholars in Central Eurasia as well as– for the first time ever– pre-conference workshops

Key Dates and Deadlines for the 2018 Annual Conference

Call for proposals opensFebruary 12
Deadline for: proposal submissions, travel grant applications, and pre-conference workshop submissionsMarch 28 11:59 (23:59) PM EST
Proposal outcomes communicatedMay 1
Pre-conference workshop outcomes communicatedend of May
Travel grant outcomes communicatedJune 1
Conference registration opensJune
Preliminary conference program is publishedend of June
Early bird registration deadline
– from September 1 forward, regular registration rates apply
August 31
Registration deadline for presenters
– presenters who have not registered for the conference by this deadline will be removed from the program
September 15 11:59 (23:59) PM EST
Deadline to send your paper to all members of your panelto be announced
Final conference program is publishedmid-October


CESS 2018 // October 24-28, 2018 at the University of Pittsburgh

Our 2018 Host
Pre-Conference Workshops
Call for Proposals & Submitting [closed]
Travel Grants [closed]
Conference Rules & Guidelines


Our 2018 host: the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is home to a rapidly expanding collection of library materials related to Central Asia, including 230 recent acquisitions of Soviet-era, low-print run primary source editions and Uzbek historical documents. Pitt’s Central Asian Film collection is robust and boasts the largest collection of Turkmen films in North America or Europe. The University of Pittsburgh Press, a co-sponsor of the conference, offers Central Eurasia in Context, a leading Central Asian monograph series in North America. The series includes fourteen monographs, three of which have won prestigious award



Registration for the 2018 CESS Annual Conference in October will open in May/June.
CESS requires that all presenters at the Annual Conference (including co-authors and persons included on a proposal that was submitted by a convener) by the time the conference begins) be CESS members and that they register for the conference by September 15 (11:59 pm EST). Any presenters not registered by this time will be removed from the program. Those not presenting may register up until the day of the Annual Conference.

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Conference registration fees (and CESS membership fees) are dependent upon your annual income. Students and faculty based and the host institution (University of Pittsburgh) receive a special rate.

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 Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops will be offered for the time at the 2018 CESS Annual Conference. Intended to provide additional opportunities for scholarly engagement and training, these half-day workshops will be held in the two days (Oct. 24 and 25) before the Annual Conference.

The window to submit proposals for both the 2018 Annual Conference and the Pre-Conference Workshops closed on March 28, but we hope you will register for these workshops when registration opens in June. If you submitted a proposal, you will receive feedback by the end of May.
See you in October!

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 Call for Proposals & Submitting [closed]

The window to submit proposals for both the 2018 Annual Conference and the Pre-Conference Workshops closed on March 28. If you submitted a proposal, you will receive feedback by the end of May. Registration will open in May/June and we hope to see you at the conference in October!

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 Travel Grants [closed]

CESS is delighted to offer travel grants which encourage and enable scholars from the Central Eurasia region to participate in global academic networks and the CESS scholarly community. Applicants are based in: Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia, Inner Asia, the Black Sea region, the Volga Region, Eastern and Central Europe.
The window to submit applications for 2018 Annual Conference travel grants closed on March 28. If you submitted an application, you will receive an outcome by the end of May.

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 Conference Rules & Guidelines

Before submitting a proposal, please view CESS’ conference rules and guidelines.
The working language of the CESS Annual Conference is English. However, we will consider proposals for panels (not individual papers) in languages other than English. Please see our Conference Language Policy for details.