April 25, 2018

Conference Registration

Registration for CESS 2019 is open!

Register for CESS 2019

CESS requires that all presenters at the Annual Conference register for the conference and activate (pay for) their CESS membership for the current year by the time of the conference. Conference registration for CESS members is always discounted, and memberships are valid for one calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Learn more about CESS membership.

Presenters must register for the conference by the presenter deadline of September 1, 2019. Any presenters not registered by this time will be removed from the program.

Those not presenting may register up until the start of the Annual Conference.

Conference registration fees are dependent upon your annual income and whether or not you are a current CESS member (an option for non-presenters only). Students and faculty based and the host institution receive a special rate – see notes below.

CESS institutional members are entitled to a number of registration fee waivers. Please contact the CESS Administrative Coordinator for further details.

Register for CESS 2019

Registration fees

Note that the registration fee rates may vary from year to year. The rates below are the rates for CESS 2019.


Early Bird/Presenter Registration Deadline
(register by September 1, 2019)

Regular Rate Registration
(from September 2, 2019)

Annual income less than $25,000

CESS Member: $50

Non-Member: $85

CESS Member: $65

Non-Member: $100

Annual income between $25,000-$50,000

CESS Member: $70

Non-Member: $115

CESS Member: $90

Non-Member: $135

Annual income betwen $50,000-$75,000

CESS Member: $90

Non-Member: $140

CESS Member: $115

Non-Member: $165

Annual income over $75,000

CESS Member: $110

Non-Member: $170

CESS Member: $140

Non-Member: $200

Current students/faculty
at the host institution*

Student: $25

Faculty: $50

Student: $25

Faculty: $50

*Current students and faculty at this year’s host institution should complete the registration form and select the appropriate member/non-member fee rate. After completing the form (do not pay at this stage), please email the CESS Administrative Coordinator with proof of your current student/faculty status e.g. a scan of your student card, link to your webpage on the institutional website. Your fee will then be discounted accordingly and you will be emailed payment instructions.