Call for nominations to the CESS Board

Nominations are being accepted until midnight EST, July 16, 2019.

CESS invites nominations for two new members of our Board of Directors, as well as an incoming President. These positions are for three years, starting from the Annual Conference in 2019 and ending at the Annual Conference in 2022.

The incoming President will serve as President-Elect from 2019/20, President from 2020/21 and Past-President from 2021/22. Please see below for further details about the role of CESS President.

CESS Board members play an active role in determining the direction of the major scholarly association working in our area. Joining the CESS Board offers you extensive networking and outreach opportunities. As a Board Member, you can gain or further your professional expertise by supporting the effective running of CESS through your active participation in board meetings and in our committees (current committees are dedicated to: awards, communications, conferences, elections, institutional linkages, membership, and regional outreach).

Selection criteria

According to the CESS Bylaws, all CESS Board Members must have:

  • Professional or scholarly expertise in a field relevant to the Central Eurasia region;
  • Current CESS membership;
  • Written and spoken fluency in English.

A strong candidate will have:

  • A demonstrated commitment to CESS (for example through membership, conference participation, past/present active involvement in committee work);
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Active involvement and preferably leadership experience in CESS or another similar organization;
  • Willingness and availability to commit time to the work (expected to average 10-12 hours per month and including participating in email correspondence, monthly Virtual Board Meetings (held by email) and the face-to-face Annual Board Meeting.

President role descriptions (from the CESS Bylaws)

The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Corporation and shall preside at all Board meetings. The President shall be responsible for seeing that Board resolutions and actions are carried into effect, and for reporting to the Board on the conduct and management of the affairs of the Corporation. The President, besides providing intellectual, managerial, and organizational leadership, shall, in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Treasurer, prepare an annual budget, taking into account the Corporation’s estimated income and expenditures, for review and approval by the Board at the beginning of each year. At the same meeting, the President, together with the Treasurer, will prepare and present an annual report summarizing the Corporation’s financial status, including a comparison of estimated and actual income and expenditures for the year and an analysis of any budgetary issues that may require the Board’s attention. The President shall also perform such other duties as are usual to this office and that may from time to time be assigned to him or her, or specifically required to be performed by him or her, by these Bylaws, by the Board, or by law.

Current Board of Directors

President 2018/19, Past President 2019/20: Ali İğmen

President-Elect 2018/19, President 2019/20, Past President 2020/21: Marlene Laruelle

Board Members: Eva-Marie Dubuisson (2017-2020), Jeanne Féaux de la Croix  (2018-2021), Diana Kudaibergenova (2017-2020), Martha Merrill (2018-2021)

Board Members whose term ends in October 2019 (and whose positions will be replaced at this election):

Past President 2018/19: Amanda Wooden

Board Members: Aksana Ismailbekova, Jennifer Murtazashvili.

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How to apply/make a nomination

If you know of someone who would be a good candidate, or if you would like to run in the upcoming elections yourself, please contact current CESS President Ali İğmen,

To apply, please send an application statement of no more than 400 words which details how you meet the selection criteria. Please also explain what areas of CESS activity you would expect to work on developing, improving or sustaining during your tenure.

Nominations are open from now until midnight EST, July 16, 2019.

Voting will take place from July 19 until August 1, 2019.