Mini-workshops for junior scholars from Central Eurasia

Thanks to support from the Open Society Foundations, CESS is pleased to announce that it will hold mini-workshops for up to 20 junior scholars from Central Eurasia, in conjunction with its 2017 Annual Conference at the University of Washington, Seattle.

The two workshops will be held over breakfast on Friday, October 6, and lunch on Friday, October 6. Meals will be provided.

They are designed to help build a stronger community of scholars and scholarship that more centrally includes scholars from the region.

Friday, 07:15-08:45: "Nuts and Bolts of Publishing your Scholarly Work" 

This workshop will be run by Dr Madeleine Reeves (U. Manchester, UK), who edits Central Asian Survey. Dr Reeves, in an interactive format, will highlight the distinguishing features of scholarly research, the value of scholarship as such, and walk Central Eurasian junior scholars through the nuts and bolts of helping scholarly work rise to publishable quality.  

Friday, 12:30-14:15: "Making Yourself Heard: Communicating your Scholarly Work" 

This workshop will be run by Dr Laura Adams (USAID) and Dr David Montgomery (CEDAR-Communities Engaging Difference and Religion).

The facilitators will offer an interactive discussion about how scholars communicate the public value of their scholarship. Participants will brainstorm ways in which scholars can be more effective in using their research findings to produce informed public debates, as well as get the attention of interested policy makers, journalists, non-governmental organizations, or other non-academic communities in various contexts. 


Space is limited to 20 junior scholars from Central Eurasia.

To be considered, applicants must:

1) be on the program as presenting a paper at the  CESS Annual Conference in Seattle,

2) originate from one of the Central Eurasian states,

3) be either currently enrolled in a PhD program or within 5 years of receiving their PhD,

4) be available to attend BOTH sessions, and

5) have demonstrably strong English-language skills.

Candidates who applied for a CESS travel grant ARE eligible to also apply to participate in the workshops.  


Applicants must be available to attend BOTH sessions. Please note that the Friday session begins at 7:15am! 


Please send a proposal of up to 750 words to, specifying:

1) precisely how you meet the eligibility requirements laid out above under "Eligibility,"

2) what you will contribute to these workshops, and

3) what you expect to gain from these workshops.

The deadline for submitting your proposal is midnight EST, September 3, 2017.