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About the CESS Board
Board Members' responsibilities
Current CESS Board Members
Former CESS Presidents
Former CESS Board Members
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About the CESS Board

The CESS Board consists of nine voting members elected by the CESS membership. These include the President, President-Elect, Past-President, who make up the Executive Committee, and six Board Members who are elected to three-year terms.

The President-Elect is a three-year role which cycles through the positions of President-Elect (year 1), President (year 2) and Past President (year 3). Thus at any one time each role is filled, and the holders of these three positions make up the Society's Executive Committee. 

In addition to including these three president roles, the CESS Board consists of six more Board members. Two new Board members are elected each year, and at the same time two end their three year term. 

Three officers are non-voting members of the Board and are appointed by the Board: Administrative Coordinator (a paid, part-time position), Treasurer, and Secretary/Clerk.

Board Members' responsibilities

The CESS Board governs the work and the mission of CESS. Board members are actively involved in developing and managing CESS' strategy and activities.

Board members engage in CESS business through active participation in Board meetings, which are held annually in person during the Annual Conference and, when matters arise, monthly through virtual meetings. Board members support at least one of the CESS committees and may also Chair one of those committees. On an informal basis, Board members also communicate with others about CESS, encourage new members, and discuss possibilities for further involvement with CESS.

Board members take up their positions at the Annual Conference that is held after the elections.

Current CESS Board

Executive Committee

Amanda Wooden (President), Bucknell University, USA (2016-2019)


Ali İğmen (President-Elect), California State University Long Beach, USA (2017-2020)

Douglas Northrop (Past President), University of Michigan, USA (2015-2018)

Board Members

Timothy BlauveltAmerican Councils for International Education/Ilia State University, Georgia (2017-2018)

Leila Almazova, Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation (2015-2018)

Eva-Marie DubuissonBoğaziçi University, Turkey (2017-2020)

Aksana Ismailbekova, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany (2016-2019)

Diana Kudaibergenova, Lund University, Sweden/University of Cambridge, UK (2017-2020)

Jennifer Murtazashvili, University of Pittsburgh, USA (2016-2019)

Ex-officio Board Members (non-voting)

Liliya Karimova, Secretary (2016-2017)

David Pearce, Treasurer (2016-2018)

Emma Sabzalieva, Administrative Coordinator (2016-)

Former CESS Presidents

[Note: Dates in brackets indicate the full term of President-Elect, President and Past President]

John Schoeberlein (2015 [2014-2017])
Ed Schatz (2014 [2013-2016])
Cynthia Werner (2013 [2012-2015])
Scott Levi (2012 [2011-2014])
Marianne Kamp (2011 [2010-2013])
James Millward (2010 [2009-2012])
Peter Finke (2009 [2008-2011])
Edward Lazzerini (2008 [2007-2010])
Laura Adams (2007 [2006-2009])
Alexander Knysh (2006 [2005-2008])
Adeeb Khalid (2005 [2004-2007])
Thomas Barfield (2004 [2003-2006])
Gregory Gleason (2003 [2002-2005])
John Schoeberlein (2001-2002 [2001-2004])

Former CESS Board Members

Marlène Laruelle (2014-2017)
Morgan Liu (2014-2017)
Gardner Bovingdon (2015-2017)
David Montgomery (2013-2016)
Sarfaroz Niyozov (2013-2016)
Pauline Jones Luong (2012-2015)
Ali Igmen (2012-2015)
John Heathershaw (2011-2014)
Amanda Wooden (2011-2014)
Eric McGlinchey (2010-2013)
Saulesh Yessenova (2010-2013)
Russell Zanca (2009-2012)
Rahile Dawut (2009-2012)
Victoria Clement (2008-2011)
Cynthia Werner (2008-2011)
Deniz Kandiyoti (2007-2010)
Edward Schatz (2009-2010)
Philippe Foret (2007-2009)
Gulnara Aitpaeva (2006-2009)
Anara Tabyshalieva (2006-2009)
Scott Levi (2005-2008)
Douglas Northrop (2005-2008)
Shoshana Keller (2004-2007)
James Millward (2004-2007)
Pinar Akçali (2003-2006)
Ablet Kamalov (2003-2006)
Robert Cutler (2002-2005)
Laura Adams (2002-2005)
Casandra Cavannaugh (2002)
Virginia Martin (2001-2004)
Uli Schamiloglu (2001-2004)
John Colarusso (2001-2003)
Alisher Ilkhamov (2001-2003)
Steven Sabol (2001-2002)
Wang Jianping (2001-2002)

Former CESS Officers

Natalie Koch, Secretary (2014-2016)
Maureen Pritchard, Administrative Coordinator (2014-2016)
Marianne Kamp, Secretary (2013-2014)
Virginia Martin, Treasurer (2012-2014) and Editor of CESR (2002-2009)
Edward Lazzerini, Executive Director (2012-2014)
Sylvia Babus, Treasurer (2007-2011)
Daniel Prior, Executive Director (2007-2012)
Maureen Nemecek, Treasurer (2006-2007)
Kimairis Toogood-Luehrs, Secretary (2007-2010)
Uli Schamiloglu, Acting Treasurer (2004-2005)
John Schoeberlein, Executive Director (2004-2007)
Greta Uehling, Treasurer (2002-2003)
Eric Sievers, Secretary (2001-2007)