Overview of the CESS Blog

The Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) is proud to provide the CESS Blog as an online communication venue for scholarship about the region. In addition to regular blog posts about Central Eurasian scholarship, the blog also features guest field research reports and photo essays. You can also follow us on Twitter – @CESS_news – and like us on Facebook.  Contact us if you have questions, guest post proposals, scholarly resource information, publication links, a research announcement, or pedagogical information to share: TheCESSBlogEditor@gmail.com.

Blog entries fall into one of the follow three categories: Photo Essay, Field Research Report, or Monthly Column.

Monthly Columns are regular entries on related topics as indicated in the column title. They may be written by a single author on a regular basis, or by a guest author on a one-time basis.

Photo Essay are an alternative to writing about research, even if the topic is not primarily focused on the visual  If you conduct research on the visual, symbolic, or physical contexts, please consider proposing a blog entry. We seek photography or videos interpreted through a scholarly lens, engaging with scholarship on related themes.  

Field Research Reports are brief description of current research work, and include first-hand impressions of research conditions, data collection lessons, archive information, methodological challenges, etc. following the Central Eurasian Studies Review (CESR) modelThese short reports – maximum 1,000 words – are reflections on researching in Central Eurasia.  They provide insight into research conditions from scholars living in or recently returned from the region.  These reports also function to elicit networking among scholars conducting similar research, promote information sharing, and engage our academic community with emerging projects to assist one another in developing and deepening our ideas and our access to information. 

To submit a blog proposal or to request more information, please contact: